Thursday, March 19, 2009

Having talked the talk for the past month on this blog (and for longer elsewhere), I have decided to now walk the walk. One of the important things I discovered while trying to get people in India excited about sustainable farming practices was that there was a lack of awareness about the many examples of successful use of these methods in India, and hesitation to change practices due to this lack of awareness.

So I have decided to go to India for a while to -

  1. survey and document current sustainable agriculture practices adapted for Indian environments.
  2. popularize the need for wide adoption of these sustainable agriculture.
  3. establish one or more demonstration and training centers in Maharashtra.
To do this, I will be
  1. visiting as many sustainable/natural/organic farms in India as possible, particularly in and around Maharashtra.
  2. learning about current training and popularization programs.
  3. work with a few rural development organizations to augment their current programs with sustainable farming practices.
I plan to post regular updates to the blog with videos, interviews and more from India. Stay tuned, and thank you for your support!

(Since this project is going to be self financed, I'm especially looking for suggestions about raising funds for this project, including fellowships, sponsorships etc.)


v said...


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