Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seed Ball(Photo by Andrea Bellamy of the Heavy Petal blog.)

Seed balls are the essence of natural farming.

These marble sized spheres are made easily by mixing together a variety of seeds with soil, compost, and water. Disperse by merely tossing them on ground, seed balls lie dormant in the wild, protecting the seeds within. After sufficient rainfall, when conditions are just right for the seeds to sprout, the soil mixture crumbles, and new plants take root.

Seed balls are an cheap and easy tool on many scales - you could create a new garden painlessly, introduce vegetation on empty plot of land, restore trees in and around your city, or stop the spread of deserts!

Take minimal action, promote mutually beneficial biodiversity, and let nature take its own course. What could be simpler?

Here's a short documentary on making and using seed balls:



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