Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking Action

We created this plan in response to Google's Project 10100. However, the crisis on small farms in the developing world is far more important than this competition, and far bigger than a single organization can handle. Improving the profitability and sustainability of small agriculture is at the heart of stability and prosperity of all developing countries. (Not to mention - Project 10100 funding is completely uncertain/unlikely!)

What actions can we take to ensure that sustainable farming spreads widely and rapidly?

  1. Spread the word: By now, many people are aware of farmers' suicides, the most obvious symptom of the small farms crisis. However, awareness about the low-input high-output agriculture is still low. Tell everyone you know about natural farming. Feel free to use material from this blog.
  2. Contribute your time and money: Contribute to the efforts of organizations (such as Navadanya, Deccan Development Society or AID) that are active in popularizing sustainable agriculture. Convince other people to donate their time and money.
  3. Help start new projects: There are probably a few organizations in your city that are active in rural development. Do they promote natural farming practices? If not, tell them about these solutions. Offer to help them raise funds for a natural farming initiative.
Given the dire state of small agriculture, every small contribution counts.

Do you have any suggestions about what we should do?



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